5 January 1982** (St 44/7) US Communist Party

Secretariat. A request from the CP USA leadership for part of the debt incurred in distributing Soviet books to be written off. [R 5 January 1982 – St 44-7]


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Workers of the world, unite!

Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Central Committee


No. St-44/7s

Extract from the Minutes of a Meeting (No. 44) of the Secretariat
of the CPSU Central Committee on 5 January 1982

Concerning the request of the leadership of the Communist Party of the United States of America

To satisfy the request of the leadership of the Communist Party USA and to allow the Ministry of Foreign Trade [V/O Mezhdunarodnaia kniga] to write off part of the debts for Soviet literature delivered in 1971-1981 — 400,000 foreign-currency rubles from the company, Imported Publications, and 60,400 foreign-currency rubles from the publishing house, International Publishers—at the expense of the financing of export operations.


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Translated by Marta Olynyk