27 May 1969* (231-Z) Stasi

KGB report (Zakharov). Transfer to the Stasi (GDR secret police) copies of 1930s and wartime documents linking FRG Chancellor KIESINGER to the Nazis. [R 27 May 1969 – 231-Z]


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Special File
Top Secret

To the CPSU Central Committee

In accordance with the decision of the Central Committee Secretariat (St‑57/59) of 16 September 1968, the KGB passed photocopies of archival documents to the GDR Ministry of State Security in October 1968, concerning the Nazi past of West German Chancellor Kiesinger.

GDR State Security [the Stasi] is presently requesting the temporary loan of the originals of additional documents in the preparation of its measures to compromise Kiesinger.

We consider it possible to meet this request and to transfer the above-mentioned documents held in the Main Archival Directorate of the USSR Council of Ministers about the Nazi past of the FRG Chancellor Kiesinger to our German Friends for temporary use.

We request authorisation

Zakharov, KGB Deputy chairman

Yakovlev, deputy head of the Chief Archive Administration

27 May 1969




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