31 July 1989* (No.312/1/0297) Military assistance

Report to Central Committee from the Soviet Ministry of Defence about the state of military supplies to Afghanistan. [R 31 Jul 89,  No 312- 1-0297] total 2 pp.


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To Comrades:
I.S. Belousov
M.A. Moiseyev
B.M. Belousov

Please consider the rate at which warheads of R-17 missiles are being produced and supplied to the Republic of Afghanistan, take the necessary measures, and report back to the CPSU Central Committee.

[Copy to] Comrade O.S. Belyakov

(Signed) L. Zaikov

26 July 1989

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General Staff,
Armed Forces of the USSR

31 July 1989, No 312/I/0297

CPSU Central Committee
Attention: Comrade L.N. Zaikov

Dear Lev Nikolayevich,

In response to your instructions, I have this to report:

At present, the Republic of Afghanistan [RA] is being regularly supplied with 8K14 missiles, complete with 8F44 land-mine-action warheads. Within the R-17 deployment area, each launcher’s stock is constantly replenished with 2-3 rockets, totaling 20-25.

There are 64 warheads stored within the Turk[estan] Military District.

Furthermore, as of 27 July 1989, Soviet military cargo aircraft (VTA) have been delivering 41 warheads for R-17 rockets directly from the manufacturer (Novosibirsk) to the Kokaidy airbase in the Turkestan Military District. This is more than enough to meet the RA’s requirements for 6-8 days.

At the same time, considering that the VTA resources of the [Soviet] Air Force have been used up, it appears expedient to make deliveries by the manufacturer to the Kokaidy airbase using rail transport, on a top priority basis. This will provide the required R-17 warhead reserve. In fact, subsequent deliveries should be made using rail transport only.

VTA deliveries should be made only in an emergency situation, when it is obvious that the rail delivery schedule is on the verge of collapse.

Report delivered. Awaiting your decision,

yours sincerely,

(signed) M. Moiseyev



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Translated by George Sklyar