12 December 1979* (Pb 176/125) Situation in “A”

Politburo. The situation in “A” (the decision to invade Afghanistan) as recorded in two vaguely worded documents, 12 and 26 December (2 pp). [R 12 December 1979, No 997]


Top Secret
Special File

In the chair, Comrade L.I. Brezhnev
present: Suslov, Grishin, Kirilenko, Pelshe,
Ustinov, Chernenko, Andropov, Gromyko, Tikhonov,

Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee

Concerning the situation in A:

1. Approve the suggestions and measures put forward by Comrades Andropov, Ustinov and Gromyko.

Permit them during the implementation of these measures to make amendments that do not affect the principal.

Present to the Politburo in good time issues that require a decision by the Central Committee.

Entrust Comrades Andropov, Ustinov and Gromyko to implement these measures.

2. Instruct Comrades Andropov, Ustinov and Gromyko to keep the Politburo informed as to how the implementation of the named measures is proceeding.

Central Committee Secretary, L. Brezhnev

[page two]

On No P 176/125, 12 December 1979

26 December 1979 (at the dacha – present Comrades Brezhnev, Ustinov, Gromyko, Chernenko). Comrades Ustinov, Gromyko and Andropov reported on progress in the implementation of Central Committee resolution No 176/126 of 12 December 1979.

Comrade Brezhnev voiced a number of proposals, after approving the action the comrades had outlined for the immediate future.

It was recognised as expedient that the Politburo commission of the same membership should proceed with the plan presented, thoroughly considering each step in its actions. Issues that require a decision by the Central Committee to be presented to the Politburo in good time.

Correct Record, signed [K Chernenko] 27 December 1979.



The first document is handwritten, the second is typescript: both are on unheaded, plain paper.

The ten present members of the Politburo (plus candidate member Ponomarev) added their signatures to the first document: those absent added theirs at a later date, Kunayev on 25 December, Romanov and Shcherbitsky on 26 December.

See Short Biographies for identity and positions of Afghan, Soviet and other officials.


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