14 January 1969* (Pb 111) Sinyavsky

Politburo. Approve KGB measures prompting Andrei Sinyavsky to ask for a pardon (total 2 pp). Includes text of 30 September 1968 (2281-A) request from the KGB, p 2. [Russian: 14 January 1969, Pb 111]


[page one, on plain paper]

Minute 111
14 June 1969


2. Note from Yu. Andropov of 30 September 1968 (concerning A. Sinyavsky).

(To Comrades Suslov, Andropov, Polyansky,
Shelepin, Demichev)

Permit Comrade Andropov to carry out the work in the light of the exchange of views at the meeting of the Politburo.


[page two, 30 September 1968]

[added: Top] Secret

USSR Committee for State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers
30 September 1968, 2281-A

To the CPSU Central Committee

Sinyavsky, A.D., who was sentenced by the RSFSR Supreme Court in February 1966 to 7 years imprisonment under Article 70, part 1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code, is serving his sentence in the Dubrava corrective-labour camp.

Observation of his behaviour in the corrective-labour camp has shown that he is thinking ever more often about his future, although he continues to deny his guilt. Unlike Daniel and members of his family, Sinyavsky and his wife do not take part in any anti-social protests.

In order to prevent further use by the West of the conviction of Sinyavsky and Daniel for anti-communist propaganda, we consider it would be expedient to continue work with Sinyavsky so as to persuade him to submit an application to the Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet for a pardon. If such a declaration is received, we consider it would be possible to satisfy Sinyavsky’s request.

We request authorisation

Chairman of the Committee for State Security





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