5 November 1969* (2792-A) Alliluyeva

KGB memorandum to Central Committee. Tactics for discrediting the author and contents of Only One Year, a new book by Stalin’s daughter Svetlana ALLILUYEVA (4 pp). [R 5 November 1969, 2792-A] Excerpt.


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Special File
Top Secret

USSR Committee for State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers
5 November 1969, 2792-A

To the CPSU Central Committee

According to information in the possession of the Committee for State Security, the Adversary is considering publication of a new book by S[vetlana] Alliluyeva, “Only One Year”, as one measure in a wide anti-Soviet campaign to mark the centenary of Lenin’s birth…. In view of this, we propose the following operations to distract world public opinion from this defamatory campaign by the Adversary, using Alliluyeva’s book.

Following the letter of Iosif Alliluyev and Yekaterina Zhdanova to the Politburo, expressing their indignation at their mother’s treacherous behaviour, we consider it possible to prepare and publish abroad an open letter by the children of S. Alliluyeva, addressed to the famous political commentator and deputy chief editor of the “New York Times” H[arrison] Salisbury, who has frequently interviewed S. Alliluyeva and regards her in personal terms with a degree of contempt.


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This operation will be backed up by the publication of the said letter and interview with Alliluyeva’s children in a leading European magazine.

A suggestion can be circulated in the Western press that the new book of Alliluyeva is the result of the collective labours of such people as G. Kennan, L. Fischer, M. Djilas, G. Florovsky, A. Belinkov and others, who are known to be fierce opponents of the USSR and specialists in the falsification of Soviet history. At the same time, information held by the KGB that compromises these individuals on a personal level can be added to these materials.

Send a letter addressed to Alliluyeva from noted members of the Soviet intelligentsia who were personally acquainted with Alliluyeva (the writer Soloukhin, the dramatist Kapler, the chief editor of the “Soviet Screen” magazine Pisarevsky, Professor Myasnikov who was Alliluyeva’s supervisor when she wrote her dissertation, and others). This letter will contain a well-argued protest against the falsification of facts from the history of the Soviet State, and against her libel of Lenin. Such a letter could be passed to Alliluyeva via KGB channels in such a way that it becomes available to the foreign press.

In preparing articles for publication in the Soviet press that expose the activities of Western intelligence agencies consider including the thesis that these services gather “factual” materials from people who are mentally deficient in a personal and practical capacity. In doing so the laughable efforts should be shown of the services


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of the Adversary to undermine the majesty and authority of Lenin and to sow a lack of confidence in our system with the help of such odiose figures as Alliluyeva, who has sunk to praising Kerensky and using the political demagogy of Trotsky in her book.



We request authorisation

Chairman of the State Security Committee

[signed] Andropov




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