5 December 1980** (St 240/43) Cuba, Grenada

Secretariat. Requests from Cuba and Grenada to enable radio transmissions to the USA (17 pp).  [R 5 December 1980, St 240-43] =========================================================== English Translation by Marta Olynyk, December 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed] Proletarians of the world, unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE TOP SECRET No. St-240/43gs Dated 5/XII/1980 Extract from Report … Continue reading 5 December 1980** (St 240/43) Cuba, Grenada

15 August 1956** (St 19/2) “Amerika” magazine

Secretariat. Draft letter to Party organizations throughout the USSR concerning  distribution in the Soviet Union of the Russian-language magazine Amerika produced by the US State Department (6 pp). [R 15 August 1956, St 19/2] ========================================================== [page one of six] 19/2 15 August 1956 Draft of Letter to Party Organizations concerning the Dissemination of the Magazine … Continue reading 15 August 1956** (St 19/2) “Amerika” magazine

5 January 1982** (St 44/7) US Communist Party

Secretariat. A request from the CP USA leadership for part of the debt incurred in distributing Soviet books to be written off. [R 5 January 1982 – St 44-7] ========================================================= [page one of one] Workers of the world, unite! Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Central Committee TOP SECRET No. St-44/7s Extract from the Minutes … Continue reading 5 January 1982** (St 44/7) US Communist Party

5 November 1969* (2792-A) Alliluyeva

KGB memorandum to Central Committee. Tactics for discrediting the author and contents of Only One Year, a new book by Stalin’s daughter Svetlana ALLILUYEVA (4 pp). [R 5 November 1969, 2792-A] Excerpt. ============================================================== [page two of four - page one contains only two written words] Special File Top Secret USSR Committee for State Security [KGB] … Continue reading 5 November 1969* (2792-A) Alliluyeva