25 April 1979* (819-A) Olympic Games

KGB report. Anti-Soviet activities with regard to the 1980 Olympic Games. [Russian: 25 April 1979, 819-A] total 4 pp (excerpts).


[page three]


The enemy’s intelligence agencies and foreign anti-Soviet centres are trying, as previously, to use various insinuations about ‘the violation of human rights in the USSR’ to discredit the 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow. In certain cases, they are able to incite provocative acts on the part of anti-social elements

[page four]

within the Soviet Union, prompting some of them to make irresponsible statements of a slanderous nature which help inflate anti-Soviet hysteria in the West. Sakharov, that well-known anti-Soviet, has recommended that each foreign sporting delegation should demand the release of one or two ‘Soviet prisoners of conscience’ as a condition for its participation in the 1980 Olympic Games. A group of anti-social elements has sent a statement to the West about the creation of a so-called Association of Olympic Guarantees in the USSR, which contains abundant libellous fabrications and provocative appeals. […]