9 September 1966** [Secretariat] Anti-Soviet Propaganda

Secretariat. About increased anti-Soviet propaganda in USA and Latin America (9 pp). [R 9 September 1966]


Workers of all countries, unite!


Top Secret

[Reg. No. illegible]

Excerpt from the Minutes of … (illegible) Meeting of the Secretariat of the CC CPSU… (illegible)


In view of mounting divergences between the US and Latin American countries and increasing anti-Soviet and anticommunist propaganda in Latin America, it is hereby deemed expedient to step up Soviet propaganda to expose the US imperialistic policy in this part of the world.

[1] Exposure of US imperialistic policy in Latin America must be aimed at deepening and aggravating the divergences between Latin American countries and the United States, also, at putting obstacles in the way of deals between Latin American ruling circles and US imperialism.

[2] Propaganda in regard to Latin America should practice a differential approach in elucidating the stand of separate Latin American countries; demonstrate the desire of a number of countries (Mexico, Uruguay, Chile) to conduct an independent policy in the foreign arena, especially in relations between American states; emphasize that such independent foreign policy answers the interests of all Latin American countries, and that a pro-American foreign political course can only lead to the deepening of their foreign and domestic political hardships. At the same time, it is necessary to support anti-US steps taken independently by Latin American governments (including those of Brazil and Argentina) in regard to certain issues, without overstating such acts as they can be anti-imperialistic only in form.

It is necessary to distinguish between Latin American regimes that have potential for open democratic forces and those of military dictatorship when democratic parties, trade unions, and NGOs are subjected to repressions.

[3] The [Soviet] press and radio must pay more attention to what is happening within the Organization of American States, exposing the US policy aimed at using the OAS as a tool of its dominance in Latin America and its aggressive policy in regard to Socialist Cuba and national liberation movement in Latin American countries.

It is further necessary to support OAS members that are waging a struggle in defense of national sovereignty, equal economic cooperation, against the attempts of US imperialism to interfere in internal Latin American affairs, so as to make the

OAS an organization geared to maintain regional cooperation, in accordance with the UN Charter.

[4] Special attention must be paid to the exposure of US plans for the creation of inter-American armed forces as a tool with which to interfere into the internal affairs of Latin American countries… (illegible)

[5] In propaganda meant for Latin America. [illegible, probably:] serious attention should be paid to the exposure of the criminal nature of US aggression in Vietnam. (illegible) this war. attempts of the US to make them participants in the war against the Vietnamese people. Attention should be paid to the connection between the plans for the formation of inter-American armed forces and Washington’s attempts to drag Latin American countries into the war in Vietnam.

[6] It is necessary to expose US attempts to [estrange?] Latin American countries from the Soviet Union and other socialist states, and demonstrate the complete groundlessness of. (illegible) threat to Latin America on the part of the USSR.

[It is further necessary to] emphasize that anti-Sovietism and anticommunism. (illegible) among the main means with the aid of which the United States is trying to retain Latin American countries in its orbit and maintain its dominance there.

[It is necessary to] demonstrate to the Latin Americans that developing relations with the Soviet Union and other socialist countries will help strengthen these Latin American countries international position and sovereignty, and will enable them to resist US political and economic pressure.

[7] While exposing US subversive activities and plans for new provocations against the Republic of Cuba, it is necessary to publicize manifestations of solidarity, on the part of Latin American people, with the struggle of the Cuban people for socialist development, and uphold the idea of normal relations with Cuba as such that answer the national interests of Latin American countries, demonstrating that Cuba is also part of Latin America and that the US anti-Cuban policy is simultaneously directed against the freedom and independence of all the other Latin American countries.

[8] In the course of propaganda in regard to Latin America, it is necessary make extensive use of materials that demonstrate the advantages of non-alignment policy, as practiced by a number of Asian and African countries, also the desire of France, Pakistan, and several other members of the existing military blocs to rid themselves of military commitments to the US and wage a policy independently of Washington; help develop contacts and cooperation between Latin American and Asian and African countries that take an anti-imperialistic stand.

[9] In order to secure implementation of this resolution:

The Radio and Television Committee at the USSR Council of Ministers; TASS and the Novosti News Agency; the newspapers Pravda, Izvestia, Komsomnolskaya pravda, Sovetskaya Rossiya and Trud; the journals and magazines Kommunist, Novoye vremya, Za rubezhom, Mezhdunarodnaya zhyzn, Mirovaya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnyie otnoshenia, Novaya i noveishaya istoriya

shall organize systematic broadcasts and publications in keeping with Clauses 1-8 hereof.

Secretary of CC [central committee]

To be delivered to comrades:

[printed] Andropov, Ponamarev, Shevlyagin, Gromiko, Mesyatzev, Goryunov, Burkov, Zamyanin, Tolkunov, Pankin, Moskovsky, Subbotin, Egorov, Bolchyanskaya (Sergeeva), Kraminov, Sanakoev, Khavansky, Khavinson, Narochitsky, Keldish, Malin, Grishin, Semichastny

[handwritten] to comrades: Suslov and Simina (16 September 1966)
to comrades: Volsky and Inozemtsev (21 September 1966)
to comrade: Stepanov 8 August //1968


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Top secret #36070

to the CPSU Central Committee

As per CC CPSU Directive (St 10/5, 1 September 1966) enclosed please find the draft Resolution “On Measures to Enhance Propaganda Aimed at Exposing US Imperialistic Policy in Latin America,” prepared after an exchange of ideas at a meeting of the CC CPSU Secretariat.


Yu. Andropov, V. Kuznetsov, D. Shevliagin, R. Ulyanovsky

9 September 1966



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28653 Sector 2 C/O (illegible)

According to the information of the Soviet Embassy in Washington, the US government is aiming to step up anticommunist and anti-Cuban campaigns in Latin America.

To this end, the Americans intend to use the forthcoming inter-American conference (August 1967). During this or the next consultative meeting of OAS foreign ministers, the US plans to push through a resolution on the so-called communist interference into the internal affairs of countries of the Western Hemisphere,” aimed against Cuba and other socialist states. Judging by the information available, the said resolution will once again broach the decisions of the Havana conference on solidarity of peoples on three continents in support of guerrilla warfare in Latin America.

The Soviet Embassy in Washington proposes to forestall these provocative maneuvers on the part of the US and OAS and expose them in the Soviet press.

Enclosed please find a compilation of pertinent materials for possible use by the Soviet press and radio.

(Signed) L. Zamyatin [Handwritten in the left margin: “Head of the CC CPSU Information Department”

(signature illegible)]

[Handwritten at the bottom of the page]:


“The said material has been used in the preparation of CC CPSU Resolution on Propaganda for Latin America” (Reg. No. and date illegible)… (signed) … Maksudov, Instructor, CC CPSU Information Department”

CONFIDENTIAL (Reg. No. illegible)


(illegible).. to expose (illegible)………. anticommunist and anti-Cuban campaigns

in Latin America

  1. (Illegible) … in order to distract world public attention, especially in Latin American countries, from US aggression in Vietnam and blatant interference into the internal affairs of the Dominican Republic and other sovereign states, [flagrant?] violation by the United States of the UN Charter (illegible). the US government is fueling the fire of anticommunist [hysteria?] in Latin America. To this end [Washington] is using not only the CIA and other channel at its disposal, but also trying to get the Organization of American States involved. Relying on information available, the US will try to push through a resolution during the third special inter-American conference (scheduled for late August) that will slanderously accuse Cuba and other socialist countries of meddling in the domestic affairs of Latin American countries.
  2. [It is also necessary to] expose the US intention (in order to make their false accusations look substantiated) to use the documents of the notorious [InterAmerican?] Commission on Security the Lavaliere Commission made up of diplomats from a number of Latin American countries who are hastily trying to dig up “facts of communist interference into the internal affairs of countries in the Western Hemisphere, cashing in on the resolutions of the Havana conference for solidarity of peoples on three continents, in support of the right of peoples to national liberation and anti-imperialistic struggle;


  1. Emphasize that the US ruling circles persist in trying to use the OAS for anticommunist, anti-Cuban projects, as in the resolution of the 9th consultative meeting of the OAS foreign ministers (1964) on concerted action against socialist Cuba;
  2. Point out that the resolution of the 9th consultative meeting — as other such decisions of the OAS — was strongly condemned by the peoples of Latin

American countries and world public. Further anticommunist, anti-Cuban [fabrications?] will deceive no one and they are likewise doomed;

  1. Illustrate, using appropriate examples, the active struggle of the USSR, [other] socialist countries, among them Cuba, for a strict observance of the UN Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States and the Protection of Their Independence and Sovereignty, stressing that the socialist countries are invariably on the side of the peoples struggling to liberate themselves from imperialistic and colonial oppression, and to assert their national interests.