4 May 1975* (1103-A) May Day

4 May 1975, 1103-A [2.2; 3.2] – KGB memorandum. The situation during the 1975 May Day celebrations. [Russian: 4 May 1975, 1103-A]


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State Security Committee [KGB]
at the USSR Soviet of Ministers
4 May 1975, No 1103-A

To the CPSU Central Committee

The 1975 May Day celebrations proceeded in a normal situation with great political enthusiasm. At the same time, in certain districts isolated negative incidents were reported.

In Moscow, Odessa, Kishinev and the Rostov Region leaflets of a hostile content were distributed.

In the administrative centre of the Pustomyty district, Lvov Region [West Ukraine], 13 flags of the Union republics were burned on their masts before the obelisk commemorating the soldier-liberators. Flags were also destroyed in Moscow and Kharkov. In Grodno [Belorussia] it was discovered that a portrait of the Founder of the Soviet State had been defaced.

Twice the transformer of long distance communication was damaged in the town of Lyudinovo, Kaluga Region, as a result of which 20 channels of communication between Moscow and Bryansk ceased working for four hours.

Yurovskikh and Demchenko, who had returned from imprisonment hung a placard of anti-social content on a building under construction in the town of Stepnogorsk in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.

The necessary measures have been taken in response to all the noted incidents. Most those taking part in this hostile behaviour have been identified.

Chairman of the Committee for State Security





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