6 March 1967* (No. 170) Vietnam

Discussing possibility of major US television network broadcasting Soviet TV film about Vietnam. [Russian: 6 March 1967]


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3 March 1967

To the CPSU Central Committe

The senior APN correspondent in the USA, Comrade G.A. Borovik, has sounded out the possibility of broadcasting a program about Vietnam on the network of one of the largest American television corporations. The program is based on Soviet documentary films with a commentary by Comrade Borovik. The company will pay between 9,000 and 27,000 dollars for the program.

The US department of the USSR Foreign Ministry (Comrade G.M. Kornienko) supports Comrade Borovik’s suggestion and considers it essential that the commentary to the program should be agreed with the Foreign Ministry. “Sovexportfilm” (Comrade A.B. Makhov) has consented to the inclusion of Soviet documentary footage on Vietnam in the program.

The APN board considers it would be expedient”:

1. to endorse Comrade Borovik’s suggestion that a television program on Vietnam be prepared for American television, bearing in mind that the commentary to the program will be vetted by the USSR Foreign Ministry;

2. to authorise Comrade Borovik to negotiate with American television companies about broadcasting a programme about Vietnam on propagandist and economic terms that are favourable to us.

We request authorisation.

[signature] Burkov

Chairman of the board of the Novosti News Agency

?6 March 1967

To the CPSU Central Committee

The Central Committee Information Department supports APN’s proposal.

We request authorisation.

Head of the Information Department

[signature] Shevlyagin

10 March 1967




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