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Vladimir K. Bukovsky (1943-2019) << A selection >> "Punitive Psychiatry", Foreword to Sidney Bloch and Peter Reddaway, Russia's Political Hospitals, 1977 "The Peace Movement and the USSR", Commentary, 5 January 1982 "Support the Nicaraguan Resistance", New York Times, 18 April 1985 "Is Glasnost a Game of Mirrors?" New York Times, 22 March 1987 "Night of … Continue reading Essays, Articles, etc

The Abuse of Psychiatry

The abuse of psychiatry for political purposes was widespread in the Soviet Union. When the release of political prisoners began in 1987 it became apparent that one third of their number were detained, often indefinitely, in psychiatric prison hospitals. All ten documents in this archive concerning this practice may be found in the thematic section … Continue reading The Abuse of Psychiatry

Punitive Psychiatry (1977)

Bloch and Reddaway, Russia’s political hospitals (1977), Foreword The peculiar features of the Soviet political system, the Communist ideology, the uncertainties and difficulties of the science of psychiatry, the labyrinths of the human conscience – all these have weirdly woven themselves together to create a monstrous phenomenon, the use of medicine against man. Paradoxical though … Continue reading Punitive Psychiatry (1977)

21 November 1977* (No 3042) Abuse of Psychiatry

Report by the USSR Ministry of Health about results of World Psychiatric Congress in Hawaii. [R 21 November 1977, No 3042] total 9 pp. (excerpt) =========================== In preparation for the Congress the USSR Ministry of Health analysed the main anti-Soviet publications and prepared well-founded counter-arguments; a number of symposia were held with the participation of … Continue reading 21 November 1977* (No 3042) Abuse of Psychiatry

22 January 1970* (Pb 151/XIII) Abuse of Psychiatry

Politburo decision about the mentaly ill. ANDROPOV circulates to fellow Politburo members a report from Krasnodar Region KGB suggesting a widespread threat to public order and the Soviet system from the mentally ill. Includes note to Politburo from Andropov (19 January 1970, 141-A), p 2, and report to Andropov from Major-General SMORODINSKY (15 December 1969, … Continue reading 22 January 1970* (Pb 151/XIII) Abuse of Psychiatry

22 February 1972* (St 31/19) Psychiatric care

Secretariat. Circulate report by Central Committee Department for Science and Higher Education (Trapeznikov). Report about the state of the psychiatric care in the USSR, pp 3-7. [R 22 February 1972, St 31-19] total 7 pp. (excerpts) ================================= [page one and two same document; additional handwritten notes on p 2] Workers of all lands, unite! COMMUNIST … Continue reading 22 February 1972* (St 31/19) Psychiatric care