18 February 1977*, Pb 46/X

Instructions to Anatoly DOBRYNIN, Soviet ambassador to the USA, concerning a discussion with Secretary of State Cyrus VANCE about human rights. [R 18 February 1977, Pb 46-X] total 7 pp (excerpt).

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16 December 1980*, St 241/108

Secretariat Resolution. Ambassador to visit Kalevi SORSA, chairman of Finnish Social Democratic Party and “confidential contact”, and congratulate him on his 50th birthday. Includes message to ambassador and preceding note (11 December 1980, 18‑S‑21) from CHERNYAEV, p. 3. [R 16 Dec 80,  St 241-108] total 8 pp.

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Support the Nicaraguan Resistance (1985)

New York Times, 18 April 1985 (display advertisement)

An Urgent Message from Europeans to Congress:
Support the Nicaraguan Resistance

Democracy itself is at stake in Nicaragua. After four years of dictatorship, the FSLN, the totalitarian ruling party, has not succeeded in breaking the resistance of the Nicaraguan people.

After the relative liberalization represented by the elections, the government’s imposition of a “state of emergency” shows that its political agenda remains a totalitarian one.

We believe that United States aid to all sections of the opposition is indispensable in enabling the Nicaraguans to overthrow the present dictatorship and freely choose their own political future—which they thought they had already done when they overthrew Somoza.

Therefore, we appeal to the Congress off the United States, in the spirit of democratic solidarity, to resume aid to the Nicaraguan resistance.

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Chernyaev diary (3 January 1976)

A brief passage from Anatoly CHERNYAEV’s unpublished “Diary”, in which he responds to a report to the Central Committee by ANDROPOV (29 December 1975*, 3213-A) about the statements of foreign communist parties concerning “political prisoners” in the USSR (NSA, document and translation).

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