18 August 1980* (St 224/71) El Salvador

Central Committee Resolution. Positive response to request for “special training” from El Salvador Communist Party. Includes 15 August letter from Chernyaev (p. 2), and 23 July translated letter from head of the Salvador Communist Party Shafik Handal (p. 3). [R 18 August 1980, St 224-71] total 3 pp.


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No St 224/71, 18 August 1980

Top Secret

of the Secretariat of the CPSU Central Committee

A request from the El Salvador Communist Party

Meet the request of the leadership of the Communist party of El Salvador to give military training instruction for up to 6 months’ duration in 1980 to 30 Salvadoran Communists who are currently in the USSR.

The reception, accommodation and provision, and the organization of training for 30 Salvadoran Communists, as well as their travel expenses from Moscow to El Salvador to be entrusted to the Ministry of Defence.

Results of vote (signatures):
For, Kirilenko; for, Zimyanin; for, Gorbachev; for, Kapitonov; for, Dolgikh

[page two – Letter from Chernyayev, 15 August 1980, about request from leader of El Salvador Communist Party, see page three]

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Top Secret
Translation from Spanish

Dear comrades!

I am writing to ask your agreement that 30 of our young Communists, currently in Moscow, be accepted for courses in military training for a period of 4-5 months in the following fields:

6 comrades for army intelligence,

8 comrades to be trained as commanders of guerrilla units,

5 comrades to be trained as artillery commanders,

5 comrades for training as commanders of sabotage squads,

6 comrades for training in communications.

Thanking you for the assistance which the CPSU gives our party.


General Secretary of the Central Committee
of the Communist Party of El Salvador

23 July 1980
Translated by V. Tikhmenev



[1] See decision two days later to grant request from the El Salvador Communist Party for weapons and ammunition.


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