27 December 1976* (St 37/37) Special Training

Secretariat, International Department. Provide “special training” for 10 individuals from Argentina; three from Panama; three from El Salvador; and three from Uruguay (4 pp). [R 27 December 1976, St 37-37] Excerpt.


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St 38/36, 30 December 1976

Top Secret
Special File

Of the CPSU Central Committee Secretariat

Issue raised by International Department, CPSU Central Committee

Meet the request made by the leadership of the Argentinean Communist Party, the People’s Party of Panama, the Communist Party of El Salvador and the Communist Party of Uruguay and receive 10 Communists from Argentina, 3 from Panama, 3 from El Salvador and 3 from Uruguay in the USSR for up to 6 months in 1977 for training in matters of party security, intelligence and counter-intelligence.

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[The training would be organised by the KGB; the International and Administrative Departments of the Central Committee were to receive, accommodate and look after the visitors; while their round-trip travel expenses to Moscow from Buenos-Aires, Panama City, San Salvador and Montevideo, respectively, “should be charged to the Party budget”.]

[pages three and four – Excerpt from Secretariat minutes and note from International Department]


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