Support the Nicaraguan Resistance (1985)

New York Times, 18 April 1985 (display advertisement) -- An Urgent Message from Europeans to Congress: Support the Nicaraguan Resistance -- Democracy itself is at stake in Nicaragua. After four years of dictatorship, the FSLN, the totalitarian ruling party, has not succeeded in breaking the resistance of the Nicaraguan people. After the relative liberalization represented … Continue reading Support the Nicaraguan Resistance (1985)

29 December 1980* (Pb 230/34) International Fund

Politburo decision. Financial assistance in 1981 (US $) to Communist Parties and movements (USA, 2 million; France, 2 million; Finland, 1.4 million; Portugal, 700,000), in total 57 recipients. [Russian: 1980, 29 December] total 5 pp. =================================== [page one of three] Workers of all Lands, Unite! [Text in top left hand corner of page] Must be … Continue reading 29 December 1980* (Pb 230/34) International Fund

23 September 1989** (St 105/114) Argentina

Secretariat. A request from Comrade ATHOS FAVA, Chairman of the Communist Party of Argentina for assistance to the Party in manufacturing fake Argentinean passports, identity cards, and receptacles for their transportation and storage (6 pp). [R 23 Sep 89, St 105-114] ========================================================== [Translator’s notes are bracketed] No. ST-105/114g of 23.IX.19[...] [illegible] [In handwriting:] 18 [Stamp:] … Continue reading 23 September 1989** (St 105/114) Argentina

19 May 1989** [International Department] Corvalan

A request from leadership of the Chilean Communist Party. Central Committee International department memo. Assistance to Comrade LUIS CORVALAN in travelling from the USSR to one of the countries of Western Europe to obtain a Chilean passport for a subsequent legal return to Chile. [R 19 May 89] ============================================================ Translated by Valeri Kalabugin, July 2010 … Continue reading 19 May 1989** [International Department] Corvalan

1 March 1989** [International Dept] Chile

Recorded discussion. Assisting clandestine return to Chile of 4 Socialist Party activists (fake documents); “special training” for 2 Chilean Communists (2 pp). [R 1 Mar 89] =========================================================== English Translation by Geo, February 2011 [Translator’s notes are bracketed; red font indicates unclear original text] [Handwritten] 5.1.2/Top Secret/Special Folder/ [Stamp] CC CPSU/18-18/ March 3, 1989/ 0443OP/To Be … Continue reading 1 March 1989** [International Dept] Chile

23 September 1988** (St-90/103) Ecuador

Secretariat. A request from the Communist Party of Ecuador, “special training” for 6 people in 1988 (6 pp). [R 23 Sep 88, St 90-103] =========================================================== [Translator's notes are bracketed] -90/103/gc/09.23.88/Top Secret/Special Folder/ 5.1.38/100 RESOLUTION Secretariat of the CC of CPSU Re: Request by the leadership of the Communist Party of Ecuador [It is hereby resolved … Continue reading 23 September 1988** (St-90/103) Ecuador

18 January 1988** (St-76/138) Chile

Secretariat. Assist the Chilean Communist Party in transit of couriers and special personnel training (5 pp). [R 18 Jan 88, St 76-138] ============================================================ Translated by George Sklyar, July 2010 [Translator’s notes are bracketed, handwritten text is in italic] #CT-76/138 gs, of 01.18.88/ TOP SECRET/SPECIAL FOLDER RESOLUTION Of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist … Continue reading 18 January 1988** (St-76/138) Chile