14 February 1990* (St-112/27) Special Training

Secretariat Resolution. Meet in part requests from the Argentinean and Chilean Communist Parties: “special training” for Argentina, 5 people; and Chile, 4 people (9 pp). [R 14 Feb 90, St 112-27] Excerpt.


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No St 112/27, 14 February 1990

Top Secret

of the Secretariat of the CPSU Central Committee

1. The requests by leaders of the Communist Parties of Argentina (CPA) and Chile (CPC) shall be partially satisfied and five representatives of the CPA and four of the CPC shall be received in the USSR for up to three months in 1990 for training in security protection of the party and its leaders, including with equipment.

2. The International Department and the Administration Department of the CPSU Central Committee are tasked with receiving and looking after the above-mentioned comrades. The USSR State Security Committee is tasked with their training and support in working with documents and special equipment.


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3. Travel expenses for representatives of the CPA and the CPC from their country of residence to Moscow and back to the place of destination, including by foreign airlines, as well as their accommodation in the USSR for up to three months, special equipment, and other costs related to fulfilling the requests of leaders of these parties, shall be charged to the budget reserve of the party.

[pages four to nine – Excerpt from Secretariat minutes, report from International Department, handwritten transcripts of conversations with two Party leaders]




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