5 December 1991* (No 90-680) Bukovsky

Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Annulment of BUKOVSKY’s 1967 conviction. [R: 5 Dec 91]


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RSFSR Supreme Court
103289 Moscow,
Kuibyshev Square, 3/7

5 December 1991 No. 680 / 90

In response to No.:


In accordance with the resolution of the Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Court dated 30 October 1991, the sentence passed by the Moscow City Court on 1 September 1967 on  Bukovsky, Vladimir Konstantinovich (b. 1942), convicted under Article 190-3 of the RSFSR Criminal Code, has been repealed and the case dismissed because of the lack of a crime in his actions.

Citizen Bukovsky V. K. is rehabilitated for the said offence.

M. Radchenko

M. Radchenko

First Deputy Chairman of the RSFSR Supreme Court




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