1 March 1989** [International Dept] Chile

Recorded discussion. Assisting clandestine return to Chile of 4 Socialist Party activists (fake documents); “special training” for 2 Chilean Communists (2 pp). [R 1 Mar 89]


English Translation by Geo, February 2011

[Translator’s notes are bracketed; red font indicates unclear original text] [Handwritten] 5.1.2/Top Secret/Special Folder/ [Stamp] CC CPSU/18-18/ March 3, 1989/ 0443OP/To Be Retuned to the General Department, CC CPSU

Transcript [Resume] of a conversation with F. Mauat, member of the Foreign Leadership of the Socialist Party of Chile/March 1, 1989.

[Poor scanning]

In the course of a conversation with workers [officials] of the International Department, CC CPSU, F. Mauat requested that [CC CPSU] supply four Party activists with documents [ID papers] and [provide for] their return to Chile from immigration.

The above conversation recorded by… 05.31.89/ [Handwritten, underlined, poor scanning] Said documents [ID papers] prepared (illegible). Follow signatures. ]

Top Secret/Special Folder [Poor scanning]

Transcript [resume] of a conversation with Comrade A. Momena, candidate member of the Political Commission, Communist Party of Chile

Referring to CPC Secretary General, Comrade [Volodia Valentin Teitelboim Volosky], Comrade A. Momena has requested that CC CPSU accommodate six Party activists, so they can undergo a course of training in party techniques. including special equipment. along with two comrades to be trained in liaison techniques.

This request was motivated by the stepping up of the struggle against the CPC. [on the part of the existing regime’s] clandestine agencies determined to prevent the Party’s normal activities in the process of reinstatement of constitutional governance.

The above transcript [resume] executed by [signed illegibly] Senior Assistant, International Department, CC CPSU, January 23, 1990.