29 September 1989** (St 105/159) Turkey

Secretariat. A request from leadership of the Turkish Communist Party, “special training” for 10 people (2 pp). [R 29 Sep 89,  St 105-159]


#305/159g of 09.29.89 5.1.1.



Of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Re: Request of the leadership of the United Communist Party of Turkey

  1. [Hereby it is resolved to] receive, in 1989-90, ten activists of the United Communist Party of Turkey, in groups of two-three persons each, for a stay [in the USSR] of up to three months for the purpose of studying problems relating to Communist strategy and tactic in the current epoch, as well as the activities of the

security service of the party and clandestine techniques.

  1. The reception and accommodation of the said comrades, including safe housing, shall be the responsibility of the International Department and the Department Administrative Affairs of the CC CPSU; study of Communist strategy and tactic in the current epoch, that of the Institute (see next page)

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[illegible inscription and signature in the right margin]

…. 070 / Excerpts to be forwarded to Comrades Kryuchkov, Yazov, V.S. Pavlov, Krasyn, Kruchyn, Filin (signed)

… Sept. 1989 / Forwarded: 2 / 09.29.89 (signed)

… 4, o…36, f[ile] 107, pp. 23, 24, 27-33 [continued from previous page] of Social Sciences under the aegis of the CC CPSU; [study of] party security service and clandestine techniques [shall be the task of] the Committee _ for State Security of the USSR and the Chief Intelligence Directorate [GRU] of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

  1. Traveling expenses of the ten Turkish comrades from a European city to Moscow and back, living expenses while staying in Western Europe for one month after leaving the USSR, proceeding from up to $100 a day per capita (totaling up to $30,000 for ten persons for one month), also their accommodation in the USSR, including special equipment, and personal expenses — up to 150 rubles, lump sum per capita — shall be referred to the reserve funds of the Party budget.
  2. In case of necessity, the Ministry of Finance of the USSR shall supply the Department of Administrative Affairs, CC CPSU, with a sum in hard currency to

cover the said comrades’ traveling expenses from a European city to Moscow and back, and to provide for special equipment.

[Two illegible signatures]