5 September 1968* (2102-A) Red Square

KGB memorandum to Politburo describing the 25 August Red Square demonstrators, signed by Andropov, Shchelokov (Minister of Internal Affairs) and Malyarov (USSR Procurator’s Office) 5 September 1968. [Russian: 5 September 1968, 2102-A], 2 pp. ============================ [page one of two] Secret To the CPSU Central Committee Recently, especially in connection with events in Czechoslovakia, Litvinov, Bogoraz-Brukhman … Continue reading 5 September 1968* (2102-A) Red Square

5 January 1966* (St 132/11) Sinyavsky-Daniel

Secretariat. Preparations for the trial of Andrei SINYAVSKY and Yuly DANIEL. Includes joint memorandum from KGB chairman and Procurator-General (23 December 1965, 2843-S), pp 2-7, and February 1966 report on outcome of trial, pp 8-9. [R 5 January 1966, St 132-11] total 9 pp. Excerpts. =============================== [page one of nine] Workers of all Lands, Unite! … Continue reading 5 January 1966* (St 132/11) Sinyavsky-Daniel

15 April 1968* (Pb 79/XII) Marchenko

Proposal to Brezhnev and Andropov to revoke Soviet citizenship of dissidents ILYA GABAI (1935-1973) and ANATOLY MARCHENKO (1938-1986). Subsequently, the two men both died premature deaths. Includes draft edicts of USSR Supreme Soviet, pp. 2-3. [Russian: 15 April 1968, Pb 79-XII] total 3 pp. ======================= [page one of three] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST … Continue reading 15 April 1968* (Pb 79/XII) Marchenko