31 December 1975** (3240-A) Vietnam

KGB report. Shipments to the USSR of American weapons captured in Vietnam. [R 31 December 1975, 3240-A]


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Translated by YBZ, Feb 2011

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On obtaining from the DRV of the captured American weapons

[Unclear handwriting over the text typed below]

On the request of the CC CPSU, the KGB, committee of state security, provides aid to certain foreign communist parties and to the representatives of national liberation movements providing them with contemporary weapon made in the capitalist states.

At present time the KGB, committee of state security of the USSR, is experiencing the deficiency of such a weapon. In connection with this the committee [kgb] requests the management MVD DVR [Ministery of Internal affairs of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam] to examine a possibility of providing [KGB] with 10 thousand captured American automatic rifles and 10 mln. cartridges for them.

In December of this year the interior minister of the DRV com[arade] CHAN KUOK KHOAN, in the confidential form, reported to our representative that by the Politbureau of CC of NTV [unclear abbreviation – Communist Party of Vietnam?] this question in principle was resolved positively. CHAN KUOK KHOAN, taking into account that captured military equipment is under the management of the Defense Ministry [DVR], recommended to ask a Minister of Defense of the DRV, comrade VO NGUYEN ZIAP, to provide us with the indicated quantity of such weapon free of charge.

We consider it expedient to apply to comrade ZIAP with this request, and to assure him that the weapon will be utilized for assistance in struggle with the imperialism and for providing aid to the national liberation movements.

In the case of agreement by comrade ZIAP to allow this free of charge shipment of weapon to us, we consider it expedient, after thanking him, to propose, in exchange as the compensation, provide [them] with equal quantity of Soviet-made weapon.

It is coordinated with of the Defense Ministry of USSR (T. Kulikov). We request te- examine [strikethrough,handwritten] the approval.


Andropov [signature]

About approval ofKGB [unclear] is reported to com. Karpeschenko S. D. 2.1.76

10, october 1984