31 October 1975* (2743-A) KGB Warnings

KGB report. The results of preventative and prophylactic work by the KGB since 1959, reducing the need for imprisonment, even for the most serious crimes. Statistical information for 1959-1974 on p. 2. [Russian: 31 October 1975, Volkogonov] total 2 pp.


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Top Secret
Special Folder

Committee for State Security [KGB]
at the USSR Council of Ministers
31 October 1975
No. 2743-A

CPSU Central Committee

About Some Results of the Preventative-Prophylactic Work of the State Security Organs

In accordance with the decisions of the 24th Party Congress [30 March-9 April 1971] and the instructions of the CPSU Central Committee, the organs of State Security have recently stepped up their preventative-prophylactic work for preventing crimes against the State and are trying to achieve a better combination of criminal legal and prophylactic measures.

Comparison between the two periods (1959-1966 and 1967-1974) shows that the number of persons subjected to criminal punishment has fallen almost by half, from 8,664 to 4,879. In the case of certain especially serious crimes against the State this number fell even more significantly: from 1,467 to 773 (by half) for Treason; and from 2,103 to 729 (almost by two-thirds) for anti-Soviet Agitation and Propaganda.

The factors influencing the decrease in the numbers of crimes against the State in the recent years are the following: the further strengthening of the moral and political unity of our State, the growth of political awareness of the Soviet people, the correct punishment policy of the Soviet State, and the dominant role of preventative and prophylactic work to prevent crimes.

The ratio of persons subjected to criminal repression to persons subjected to prophylactic treatment by the KGB organs in the period 1967-1974 was 1:25, and in the category of especially grave crimes against the State (such as anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda) it was 1:96.

The Committee for State Security is taking measures to further improve preventive-prophylactic work and increase its effectiveness.

Details about those subjected to criminal punishment and those subjected to prophylactic treatment during the period 1959-1974 are attached.

Attachment: based on the text on page 1, No. 6/4780 of 29 October 1975

Chairman of the Committee for State Security
[Signature] ANDROPOV


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Numbers subjected to criminal punishment and prophylactic treatment by the KGB organs in 1959-1974

CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT (Total)5,4133,2512,4562,423
Of which
Anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda1,601502381348
Violation of currency regulations587474382401
Illegal crossing of the USSR border926613704553
Revealing State Secrets and loss of documents containing State Secrets22311918
Other crimes1,0031,011328258
Statistics kept
Of which
suspicious ties with foreigners and harbouring treasonous intentions 5,0396,310
Manifesting politically harmful views 35,31634,700
Prophylactic treatment with
participation of the public
Of which
at general meetings of workers and service personnel, in peer courts, etc. 10,62411,863
in the form of conversations with participation of public representatives 12,98715,243
Official warning issued [see 1972 unpublished decree] 981



those previously subject to prophylactic treatment, now subjected to criminal punishment 10050



U.S. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Dmitrii A. Volkogonov Papers, Reel 18, Container 28. Translated by Svetlana Savranskaya For the National Security Archive, tr. 2 (doc. 8).



In 1972, at the formal request of Andropov and Procurator General Rudenko, an unpublished decree was passed (16 November 1972*, Pb 67/xviii), introducing the non-custodial warning as an additional measure to be used against offenders.

This was aimed at the public at large. Members of the CPSU were already subject to warnings and reprimands of varying severity before the ultimate sanction of expulsion from the Party was imposed (see CCE 2.1, 30 June 1968).


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