Soviet Archives after 1991

Organisation, Access, and Declassification == Theodore Karasik == National Defense Research Institute (RAND Corporation) [Published 1993] INTRODUCTION The post-Soviet archives examined in this monograph are organized into six separate groups: (1) the Russian state archival system; (2) the Russian foreign ministry archives; (3) the Russian Presidential Archive; (4) the Committee for State Security (KGB) archives;(5) … Continue reading Soviet Archives after 1991

The Soviet Union and Afghanistan (CWIHP)

Documents from the Bulletins of the Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) Compiled, translated into English and republished November 2001 (79 pp). Compare to Section 9.2 in this archive (USSR and Afghanistan, 1974-1992) which usually includes Russian original [ See Short Biographies for identity and positions of Afghan, Soviet and other officials ] ============================== BULLETIN … Continue reading The Soviet Union and Afghanistan (CWIHP)