6 February 1990* (St 10/1) Soviet Red Cross

Secretariat. Subsidies from the Soviet Red Cross for Moscow-based correspondents of Party and "fraternal" newspapers in capitalist and developing countries  (4 pp). [R 6 Nov 90, St 10-1] total 4 pp (excerpt). ========================= The “living expenses” of Moscow-based correspondents for these fraternal publications also formed part of the bill. From the late 1950s, to disguise … Continue reading 6 February 1990* (St 10/1) Soviet Red Cross

24 June 1988** (St-86/265) Sudan

Secretariat. A request from the Sudanese Communist Party. Military training of 20 people (2 pp). [R 24 Jun 88, St 86-265] =========================================================== Translated by Marta D. Olynyk, July 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed] 86/265i from 24/VI/1988 [three lines of numbers and letters crossed out] SPECIAL FOLDER 43 TOP SECRET SPECIAL FOLDER 9 5.2.4 [handwritten notation … Continue reading 24 June 1988** (St-86/265) Sudan

9 February 1987** (St-39/65) Lebanon

Secretariat. A request from the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon for “special” military training for 30 people annually in 1987 and 1988 (5 pp). [R 9 Feb 87, St 39-65] ========================================================== [Translator's notes and questionable points are bracketed] Current no. 385 27 November 1986 Seal [Lebanese] in upper right-hand corner [All other text on this … Continue reading 9 February 1987** (St-39/65) Lebanon

27 June 1974** (St 130/64) Syria

Secretariat. Reception of three Syrian Communists for special training in Moscow (3 pp). [R 27 June 1974, St 130-6] =========================================================== [Translator's notes are in brackets; handwritten text is underlined, dates are DD-MM-YYYY] [PAGE 1] [stamp in the right comer] SPECIAL FOLDER Top Secret DECISION Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the … Continue reading 27 June 1974** (St 130/64) Syria

5 September 1980** (St 227/62) Marx

Secretariat. Financial award to Marcel-Charles Longuet for donation of Karl Marx documents (3 pp).  [R 5 September 1980, St 227/62] ========================================================== [Translator's notes are bracketed] [In handwriting:] 227/62ge of 5. IX. 1982 TOP SECRET [In handwriting:] 20 RESOLUTION of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union On the … Continue reading 5 September 1980** (St 227/62) Marx

5 December 1980** (St 240/43) Cuba, Grenada

Secretariat. Requests from Cuba and Grenada to enable radio transmissions to the USA (17 pp).  [R 5 December 1980, St 240-43] =========================================================== English Translation by Marta Olynyk, December 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed] Proletarians of the world, unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE TOP SECRET No. St-240/43gs Dated 5/XII/1980 Extract from Report … Continue reading 5 December 1980** (St 240/43) Cuba, Grenada

15 August 1956** (St 19/2) “Amerika” magazine

Secretariat. Draft letter to Party organizations throughout the USSR concerning  distribution in the Soviet Union of the Russian-language magazine Amerika produced by the US State Department (6 pp). [R 15 August 1956, St 19/2] ========================================================== [page one of six] 19/2 15 August 1956 Draft of Letter to Party Organizations concerning the Dissemination of the Magazine … Continue reading 15 August 1956** (St 19/2) “Amerika” magazine

15 July 1986** (No 1439) Mozambique

Council of Ministers: send teachers in Marxism-Leninism to Frelimo party school in Mozambique. [R 15 Jun 86 – CM No 1439] ========================================================== [page one of one]                                                        SECRET USSR COUNCIL OF MINISTERS ORDER 15 July 1986, No. 1439rs Moscow, the Kremlin 1. In connection with the request of the Frelimo Party leadership to consent to … Continue reading 15 July 1986** (No 1439) Mozambique

12 December 1990** (No 06-2-544) Institute of Social Sciences

About students from socialist and communist countries studying at Central Committee’s Institute of Social Sciences. [R 12 Dec 90, No 06-2-544] =========================================================== [page one of one] 599-1-CT10a-90 CC CPSU On the acceptance for studies at the Institute of Social Sciences [Institut obshchestvennykh nauk; ION1 at the CC CPSU of representatives of communist, socialist, and revolutionary-democratic … Continue reading 12 December 1990** (No 06-2-544) Institute of Social Sciences