17 February 1938* (Pb 58/57) Ukraine

NKVD in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic requests an increase of 30,000 people in Ukraine’s quota for executions and arrests. Politburo agrees.   [Russian: 17 February 1938, Pb 58-57]


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Workers of All Lands, Unite!

(Special File)

of the All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks)

Pb 58/57

17 February 1938

To Comrade Frinovsky

Abstract from the Minutes of meeting No 58 of the Politburo of the VKP (b) Central Committee

 Resolution of 17 February 1938

  1. Request from NKVD

Permit the Ukraine NKVD to carry out further arrests [1] of kulak and such anti-Soviet elements and to consider their cases at troikas by raising the quota for the Ukraine NKVD by 30,000.

 Central Committee secretary



[1] Reports for other Regions in 1938 indicate a breakdown between 1st and 2nd category “arrests”. See 31 January 1938*, Pb 57/48 and 4 February 1938* .


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