12 June 1970* (1610-A) Sverdlovsk

KGB about arrests of members of an anti-Soviet youth organization in Sverdlovsk (2 pp). [R 12 June 1970, 1610-A] Excerpt.


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[added Top] Secret

USSR Committee for State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers

12 June 1970
No. 1610-A

To the CPSU Central Committee

The KGB for the Sverdlovsk Region [1] has uncovered an illegal youth group calling itself the “Party of Free Russia” or the “Revolutionary Workers’ Party”. […]

Using a typewriter the members of this group produced in two sessions about 700 leaflets, titled “A note to the Soviet government from the Working Youth of the USSR” and “Minus a Future, Plus the Past = Contemporary Socialism”. On 7 November 1969 [anniversary of the October Revolution] a considerable proportion of these leaflets were thrown from the viaduct over Cosmonauts Avenue in Sverdlovsk on the column of workers from the Electric Train Repair Factory and a group of demonstrators from the polytechnic and law institutes.


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For your information

Chairman of the State Security Committee

[signed] Andropov



[1] Today renamed Yekaterinburg, this major industrial centre in the Urals is far from any border  and in Soviet times was closed to foreigners.


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Translation, John Crowfoot