16 May 1975* (1218-A/ov) Haddad

KGB report. ANDROPOV to BREZHNEV on transfer of arms to “trusted KGB intelligence agent W. HADDAD”, head of PFLP-EO — People’s Liberation Front of Palestine-External Operations. [Russian: 16 May 1975, 1218-A-ov]


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Special Importance
Special File

USSR Committee of State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers
16 May 1975, No. 1218-A/ov

To Comrade L.I. BREZHNEV

In accordance with the decision of the CPSU Central Committee, on 14 May the Committee for State Security gave trusted KGB intelligence agent W. Haddad, head of the external operations section of the People’s Liberation Front of Palestine, a consignment of foreign-produced arms and ammunition (53 submachine guns, 50 hand guns including 10 fitted with silencers, 34,000 rounds of ammunition).

The covert delivery of arms was carried out in the neutral waters of the Gulf of Aden at night, with no direct contact, and with full observance of secrecy by an intelligence-gathering vessel of the Soviet Navy.

Haddad is the only foreigner who knows that the arms were supplied by us.





Wadie Haddad (1927-1978), formed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine with George Habash in 1968 and, from a base in Jordan, organised a succession of aircraft hijackings. Died in East Berlin.


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