21 March 1990** (No 318/2/0354) Military assistance

Ministry of Defence to Central Committee. Assistance to restore aviation and communication in Afghanistan (2 pp). [R 221 Mar 90, No 318-2-0354] total 2 pp.


Translated by George Sklyar

[Logo in the left margin: Soviet national emblem with this inscription beneath:] FIRST DEPUTY MINISTER OF DEFENSE OF THE USSR [Stamped in the right margin]

SPECIAL FOLDER Top Secret Single copy CC CPSU March 21, 1990 #3[8/2/0354 MARCH 21 [19]90


Attention: Comrade L.N. Zaikov, Secretary, CC CPSU Dear Lev Nikolayevich,

In keeping with your directive, March 15, 1990, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR has considered the request (Special #346) of Comrade Mohammad Najibullah, President of the [Democratic] Republic of Afghanistan, concerning aid in terms of reviving the fighting efficiency of [DRA] Air Force, supplying it with certain communication means.

Among the proposals submitted to CC CPSU, March 17, 1990, are ones stipulating supplies to Afghanistan, in 1990, of special equipment totaling some 1.8 billion rubles, including [aircraft, namely] 23 MIG-21-BIS, 2 MIG 21UM, 24 SU-22M, 5 AN-12BP — these from the available stock of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR — and 6 MI-35 helicopters to be supplied by the industry, at the expense of the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Contacts (MVES) of the USSR.

We have found a way to use the available stock to supply an additional eight R-25- 300 engines for MIG-21-BIS models, along with the required components ([plexi]glass, sealant, rivets, pneumatic hammers, etc.), also PK-75 cable (2 km),

50 TA-57 and 50 TA-72 telephones, 100 20KP-20 batteries, 1,000 GB-IOY batteries, 7 repair units for R-II85BM3 radios, totaling some 2 million rubles. Most of the above-mentioned special equipment will be supplied to Kabul in March- April 1990.

Six certified experts in military aircraft have been dispatched to Afghanistan, on a top priority basis, to help repair damaged aircraft. Since March 10, 12 MIG-21BIS, SU-22M, and AN-12 have been repaired.

[Handwritten: “Placed under control [?]… This document is to be transferred to archives”]

In addition, measures have been taken to speed up adjustments/repair and delivery to the [D]RA of 10 aircraft in April (e.g., 8 MIG-21BIS and 2 AN-BP models); 18 aircraft in May (4 MIG-21BIS, 12 SU-22M, 2 AN-12-BP); 24 aircraft in June (11 MIG-21BIS, 12 SU-22M, 1 AN-12BP).

In view of 1990 defense budget reductions, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR will be hard put to use its resources to supply aircraft and other materiel, without adequate compensations (in 1989, military aid to [D]RA cost some 2.5 billion rubles’ worth of USSR Defense Ministry’s budget, including 2 billion rubles without compensation; in 1990, it will be 1.4 billion rubles, including 0.5 billion without compensation), I propose to put off considering Comrade Najibullah’s request for additional supplies (repairs of damages) to Afghanistan, in 1990, of 17 aircraft (9 MIG-21BIS and 8 SU-22M), after completing aviation equipment supplies as per proposals submitted to and approved by CC CPSU, and after determining the source of finance to provide for additional military supplies to the [D]RA in 1990.

(Signed) M. Moiseyev, General of the Army